ISOPON BUMPER FILL: High Adhesion Filler for Plastics
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£ 8.99
Features & Benefits

Ideal for bumpers, SMC and most plastics.
Pinhole free 2K polyester filler that is fast drying and easy sanding.
Fills scratches and scuffs or can be used to finish a repaired area.

Polyester filler is aflexible two component chemical paste used for the filling of scuffs and scratches in plastic parts. BUMPERFIL can be used as a finishing filler over cured PlastX A & B adhesives.

Surface preparation and instructions for use BUMPERFIL polyester filler can be used on most plastics providing the following preparation is undertaken:- Abrade the damaged area with P80 grit paper. Degrease with Precleaner or panel prep; and allow to dry. Apply adhesion promoter such as PlastX/2 and allow to dry.

I wish to say that the progressing of my touch up kit purchase has been quite exceptional. The product is excellent, the colour is perfect and your attention to a very small order has been outstanding.
Frank Bowden

To be honest I was a bit sceptical about buying the touch up paint and lacquer from this website and I regret having doubts thank you the paint is an exact match for my polo and I can finally redo the chips and fix the body's jobs done on it before Would recommend to any one and the price is good as well, would say get the pro brush with the orders those do help a fair bit
From Dave

Great service to Portugal. Order arrived within 7 days, even with Easter intervening. I will not hesitate to recommend you.
Thanks Mike

The matching of Verde Ithaca paint on the Lamborghini is a nightmare but the 3 coat you sent me really did match well. As an aside the polishing compound also removed some nasty scratches from another car I own.
Best Wishes Ian

Just to say thank you for such a quick turn around on my order. Ordered on Sunday and arrived on the Tuesday. Perfect match on our two cars, my brother will have to wait until the weekend before I can drop his paint off. I'll be recommending you to any one that asks. Thanks for your help.

Over the years I have always been disappointed with the matching of proprietary touch up paints but I am delighted to say yours has been spot on. An absolute revelation. Many thanks.
John McGovern

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