ISOPON P40: Glass Fibre Repair Paste 250ml
ISOPON P40: Glass Fibre Repair Paste 250ml
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Features & Benefits

Strong 2K polyester bridging compound.
Ideal for bridging holes and is water resistant when cured.
Supplied with suitable hardener and usage instructions.

ISOPON P40 polyester glass fibre filler is a two component chemical paste used for the bridging of holes and rust in surfaces such as steel and GRP ISOPON P40 form a very hard durable surface and can be sanded and shaped if required. It is easily covered with standard polyester filler or can be overpainted directly. Surface preparation and instructions for use ISOPON P40 polyester filler can be used on the following surfaces:- Bare steel, degrease and abrade with P80 paper. Original paint surfaces (with the exception of thermoplastic acrylics) degrease and abrade withP180 grit paper. GRP degrease and abrade with P80 grit paper.
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